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Condos For Sale in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The main benefit of owning a condo in Puerto Vallarta Mexico is you can live beach front for a third the cost and upkeep of a beach front house or property.   Regardless of the list below of practical items we believe that the ability to have a spectacular ocean view for a fraction of the price is truly the main benefit of condo ownership in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

There are many areas and developments  in our zone that offer ocean views like:  Zona Romantica, Amapas, Conchas Chinas, Mismaloya, Punta de Mita, La Cruz, Bucerias, Alta Vista, El Centro, 5 de Diciembre, El Cerro and more..  Here is a comprehensive list of all the Puerto Vallarta area Condos for sale in the MLS listing system… If you are interested in Buying or Selling a condo please contact us at Timothy Real Estate Group.

Pros of Buying a Condominium in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

  1. Security. Many condos offer gated or locked entries, doormen, or even security professionals for residents. If you live alone, or security is a concern for you, this can be a major perk. In addition, you’re living in close proximity with many other people; in an emergency, you’ll have plenty of people to turn to for help.
  2. Amenities. Want a pool? A fitness center? Wednesday game nights at the community clubhouse? Many condo communities offer residents amenities that are out of reach for the average homeowner.
  3. Maintenance. One of the biggest benefits to living in a condo is that other people do the maintenance for you. They cut the grass and maintain the grounds, they fix the roof, and there are plenty of workers on hand for when your furnace quits. If you’re a first time homeowner, in poor health, busy with work, like to travel, or you just don’t want to deal with all that work, this is a major benefit to living in a condo.
  4. Affordability. Condominiums are often priced lower than single-family homes. If you want to dive into home ownership, a condo can be a great first step.

Cons of Condo Living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

  1. Homeowners Association Fees. As you might imagine, that pool, fitness center, security system, and maintenance crew all cost money. And, that money is paid by you. When you buy a condo, you essentially become a business partner in that community. You pay a monthly fee each month (on top of your mortgage) which goes towards the upkeep of the property, as well as future investments (e.g. a playground addition or dog run). How much will you have to pay each month? HOA fees vary widely, depending on the location, size, and quality of your community, but plan on spending at least $300 a month in association fees. It’s not cheap.
  2. Lack of Privacy. Remember when I mentioned that a condo is essentially like an apartment that you own? Well, you get all the “perks” of apartment living too; and this includes neighbors on the other side of the wall, and neighbors going up and down the hall or grounds at all hours of the day and night. If you’re looking for some peace and quiet around you, a condo may not be the right choice.
  3. Living by the Rules. Living in a condo means you have to live by the management’s rules. For instance, say you want to install green energy technology like a solar panel on the roof to save energy at home. Instead of just getting started, you have to ask the condo association if it’s ok. If they say no, you’re out of luck. There are many rules for living in a condo; for some people, this can be stifling.

Final Word

Buying a condo is no small affair, and it’s often more involved than just buying a single-family home. You also need to weigh the significant pros and cons before making any final decision.

Do you live in a condo, or have you owned one in the past? What was the overall experience like? Was it worth the investment, or will you never buy a condo again?