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Open Houses and Events

We like to stay active in the community so from time to time Timothy Real Estate Group is host to charity events, educational events, or we support an important cause through participation.  You can look for our Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Fair each year along with our charity events like the House Hunters International Premiere charity functions.  If you have an important event that you would like us to post here, please let us know.  There is a lot going on in Puerto Vallarta.  Please join us whenever you can.

Feb 19 – Feb 20 all-day
Celebrates the Mexican Army on the Loyalty Day (“Día de la Lealtad”), when President Madero was escorted by the Cadets of  the Millitar College to the National Palace
Feb 24 – Feb 25 all-day
Día de la Bandera
La bandera de México es uno de los símbolos patrios más significativos de esta nación; su día se celebra el 24 de febrero. Consiste en un rectángulo dividido en tres franjas verticales de igual proporción, de colores verde, blanco y rojo (izquierda a derecha) ordenados a partir del asta.
Mar 1 – Mar 2 all-day
St. David's Day
Many Americans of Welsh origin annually celebrate the life of Wales’ patron saint, St David on March 1. It is also a time to people to remember the Welsh culture and to appreciate their Welsh origins. The Welsh flag is...
Mar 4 – Mar 5 all-day
Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras is a holiday in some parts of the United States and often serves as a festive occasion featuring large celebrations. It is also known as Shrove Tuesday, as it is the last day before the long fast for...
Mar 17 – Mar 18 all-day
St. Patrick's Day
St Patrick’s Day occurs on March 17 and is day to remember one of Ireland’s patron saints, St Patrick. It largely celebrates Irish-American culture in the United States, and the use of the color green is predominant.
Mar 18 – Mar 19 all-day
Día de la Expropiación Petrolera
Mexicans remember Oil Expropriation Day (Día de la Expropiación Petrolera) as the day that the country’s oil fields were nationalized on March 18, 1938.
Mar 20 – Mar 21 all-day
March Equinox
Commemorates President Benito Juárez’s birthday on March 21, 1806. He resisted the French Occupation of Mexico overthrew the Second Mexican Empire, restored the Republic, and used liberal measures to modernize the country.
Apr 2 – Apr 3 all-day
Honors all the children.
Apr 6 – Apr 7 all-day
National Tartan Day
National Tartan Day is a US observance on April 6 each year. It commemorates the Scottish Declaration of Independence, from which the American Declaration of Independence was modelled on. It also recognizes achievements of Americans of Scottish descent.
Apr 13 – Apr 14 all-day
Thomas Jefferson's Birthday
The birthday of Thomas Jefferson, who was the United States’ third president, is an annual national legal observance on April 13 . He was the principal author of the U.S. Declaration of Independence and is known as one of the...
Apr 15 – Apr 16 all-day
Tax Day
Many United States residents mark Tax Day as the deadline to file their income tax details to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The date is usually on or around April 15. However, this deadline may be extended to accommodate holidays...
Apr 17 – Apr 18 all-day
Maundy Thursday/Jueves Santo
Maundy Thursday, also known as Holy Thursday, is a Christian observance in the United States. It is the day before Good Friday and takes place during Holy Week. It commemorates Jesus Christ’s last supper and the initiation of Holy Communion (the Eucharist),...
Apr 18 – Apr 19 all-day
Good Friday occurs two days before Easter Sunday in the United States. It is the day when Christians commemorate Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, which plays an important part in the Christian faith. It is not a federal holiday in the United...
Apr 19 – Apr 20 all-day
Holy Saturday/Sábado de Gloria
Many Christians in the United States observe Holy Saturday, which falls between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. It commemorates the day when Jesus Christ lay in the tomb after his death, according to the Christian bible. It is also known as Easter Eve...
Apr 20 – Apr 21 all-day
Easter Sunday
Many Christians celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday. The Easter date depends on the ecclesiastical approximation of the March equinox.
Commemorates the defense against the United States Occupation of Veracruz in 1914.
May 1 – May 2 all-day
Día del Trabajo
May 5 – May 6 all-day
Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo is annually observed on May 5, the anniversary of a victory in 1862 in the fight for independence from French forces. It is a festival of Mexican pride and heritage in the United States.
Commemorates the birth in 1753 of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, the initiator of the Mexican Independence War.
May 10 – May 11 all-day
Día de las Madres
El día de la madre remonta desde los helénicos  donde ya se celebraban fiestas en honor a Rhea, es decir, la madre de Júpiter, Neptuno y Plutón. Posteriormente un ritual parecido se dio en Inglaterra en el siglo XVII, donde se celebraba...
May 11 – May 12 all-day
Mothers' Day
Mother’s Day in the United States is annually held on the second Sunday of May. It celebrates motherhood and it is a time to appreciate mothers and mother figures. Many people give gifts, cards, flowers, candy, a meal in a...
May 15 – May 16 all-day
Peace Officers Memorial Day @ Estados Unidos
Peace Officers Memorial Day is held annually in the United States on May 15 in honor of federal, state and local officers killed or disabled in the line of duty. It is observed in conjunction with Police Week.
May 15 – May 16 all-day
Honors all the teachers throughout the country.
May 17 – May 18 all-day
Armed Forces Day
Many Americans celebrate Armed Forces Day annually on the third Saturday of May. It is a day to pay tribute to men and women who serve the United States’ armed forces. Armed Forces Day is also part of Armed Forces...
May 23 – May 24 all-day
Honors all the students throughout the country.
May 26 – May 27 all-day
Memorial Day
Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May. It was formally known as Decoration Day and commemorates all men and women, who have died in military service for the United States. Many people visit cemeteries and memorials on...
Jun 1 – Jun 2 all-day
Celebrates the Mexican Navy.